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Tickets to Devcon 7 will be distributed through three distinct ways this year:

  1. -> Raffle-Auction Presale (June 18 - July 09) – $299

-> Discounts - Self-claimed / Application-based (Starts July 9)

-> General Admission sale waves (Starts July 16) – $599


Raffle-Auction Coming Soon

Raffle-auction coming soon.

  1. Discounted tickets open July 9.
  2. General Admission Waves starting July 16.


200 tickets will be offered in the Raffle-Auction this year. The highest 20 bids will win the Auction. Those who enter with the Minimum Bid or do not win in the auction will enter into the raffle and have a chance at winning one of 180 Devcon tickets being distributed. In this sense, we aim for the distribution outcome to be approximately 10% efficient and 90% fair.

A big thanks to the Fairy & Archblock teams for dedicating their time to the success of this year’s iteration.

Participation Rules
  • NetworkArbitrum
  • Minimum Bid0.08 ETH ($299 USD)
  • Raffle+AuctionJune 18 - July 09

All proceeds from the Auction above the reserve price will be used to help people attend Devcon through funding programs like the EF Next Billion Scholars program and other Devcon initiatives. If you bid above the reserve price but do not win in the auction, you will automatically be funneled into the Raffle for a ticket. If you win the Raffle, you will be able to withdraw all funds above the Reserve price. If you do not win in either the Raffle or Auction, you will be able to withdraw all of your funds. Like last time, one lucky winner will receive a free Golden Ticket to Devcon & will be able to withdraw all of their funds.

Sybil Resistance

This year, we are using Gitcoin Passport to add a secure sybil-resistance mechanism to the Raffle-Auction. You will need to log into your Passport OR create one & validate your stamps in order to participate in this year’s Raffle-Auction ticket wave.



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