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Devcon 7 will be coming to Southeast Asia in 2024!

🌏 Devcon 7 in Southeast Asia offers the opportunity to give a large, new, active, and diverse community a platform on the world Ethereum stage! 💗 By bringing Devcon to SEA we’ll reach more local Ethereum communities & aim to increase diversity within the Ethereum community.

Read the full announcement with details about why Devcon 7 is scheduled for 2024 in South East Asia in the blog post.


Apply for the "Road To Devcon" Grants Round

With the grants round, we aim to support community events, meetups, and other local educational activities leading up to Devcon 7, and accelerate accessibility and opportunities for people to learn, engage with, and contribute to the Ethereum ecosystem.

Are you based in SEA, driven by a community-oriented spirit, and passionate about Ethereum's potential to create a positive impact? Then check out the RTD Grants and apply.

You can apply for: Community meetups, University clubs, Workshops, Education initiatives, and other community activities.

Deadline: 31.10.2023

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Devcon Bogota Recap

Last year, after a three-year-long pause, we emerged from the pandemic stronger than before and reunited in Bogotá for the largest and some would say, “best Devcon yet.”

One of its most powerful aspects was the impact on the regional community and the involvement of the flourishing Latin American Ethereum community, which had organized 14 community events around the region leading up to Devcon.

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